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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sum Ngai Brass Ware Manufacturing Company

I took a group of people today to Sum Ngai Brass Ware Manufacturing Company. It was a great day. Anyone can go and I highly recommend the trip! Here is how you get there.

MTR Directions
1.      Admiralty station (red line: Tsuen Wan Line 1) get off at Mei Foo Station.
2.      Mei Foo Station get on the West rail line (Pink line) get off at Kam Sheung Road station.
3.      Exit the station at Exit B- (Travel time is about 1 hour)

Walking Directions
1.                  When you exit out B, continue to walk straight and walk over the footbridge.
2.                  Continue straight, cross at the crosswalk and Turn right (at the crosswalk you will see St Jude’s). 
3.                  You will pass a sign on your left “Red Brick house market” and public toilets.
4.                   Continue on until you see the sign on your left for the Sum Ngai Brass Ware. 

Don’t forget to bring…
       Bags to carry your goodies
       Money, Money
       Octopus card
       Don’t forget cameras
       A sense of adventure J

Does the Brass Ware Manufacturing Company accept Credit Cards and Cash? They accept both
What can I buy there? Brass ware / Cloisonne Ware / Porcelain Ware / Lamp Shades
What else is in the area besides the Brass Company to visit?  On the weekends there are two open markets to visit. One market is right out Kam Sheung Road station- Exit B and the second market place is the Red Brick house. We will pass both on our way to the brass company.
Where can we eat? There are restaurants farther down the road pass the Brass ware company. The MTR station has a bakery, a 7/11 and a Tea & Soup shop. According to the Market websites the open markets might also have food.  CLO recommends bringing snacks.
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Photo from Rambling Gypsy 2012
Photo from Rambling Gypsy 2012

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