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Friday, July 15, 2011

Suggestions for Visitor to HK-2011

I am working on creating a list for visitors to Hong Kong. I will eventually use this list for my job, but I think it is useful for anyone who comes to visit. Everything on this list is the standard stuff you will find in a travel guide. There isn’t anything on this list that is off the beaten path.

THE PEAK - A trip up to Victoria Peak is a must!  The view at 554 meters above sea level is spectacular both by day and by night. It is also a "trip" to take the wine-colored, funicular railway known as the Peak Tram for the adventure. The Peak Tram runs daily from 7:00am to midnight and leaves from the Peak Tram Station under St. John's Building. At the Peak Tram station, you can get a one-way or round-trip ticket. Once you are on the tram, you ride it all the way to the end. If you don't want to ride the tram, you can take the various buses or taxies that also can be found at the peak tram.

THE STAR FERRY - The famous Star Ferry has been zipping across the harbor between Central (Hong Kong side) and Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon side) since 1898 and is as much a sightseeing attraction as an invaluable way to cross the Victoria Harbor. The crossings are almost continuous with 5 -minute frequency at peak hours. The Star Ferry runs along a number of routes, however the original, and most popular route, is between Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon and Central on Hong Kong Island. Ferries on this route run as frequently as every 8 minutes, cost HK$2.50 –HK$3.00 and take less than 10 mins. The first ferry is at around 6:30am and the final ferry at 11:30pm. Tokens for a ferry ride can be bought at the Star ferry terminal.  The easiest way to get there is to take a taxi tell the driver “Star ferry, central terminal”

ABERDEEN HARBOR - Aberdeen Ha andrbor is best known for the hundreds of people who still live out their lives on boats. Take a stroll along the waterfront and if adventurous, bargain with a determined old lady who will seek you out to sell a trip exploring these waterborne homes by sampan. An alternative would be to take a trip out to one of the floating restaurants (they have their own motor boat service from the Praya) for a light snack or dinner and you will also get a glimpse of harbor life. Bus number 7 from the Central ferry pier no. 7 will take you to the Aberdeen Harbor, Hong Kong. You can also take the bus number 70 from the Exchange Square Bus Terminal located in the Central District. Another Option is the Ocean Park Citybus, which is a special service bus from the Star Ferry Pier.

MAN MO TEMPLE - Hong Kong has more than 360 Chinese temples dedicated to Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism or a combination of these religions. If you can only visit just one temple during your time in Hong Kong, this is the best choice. Man Mo is a traditional Taoist temple and is the oldest temple in the territory. Located on the corner of Hollywood Road and Ladder Street in Central it is open from 7 am to 5 pm daily. The temple is actually half temple and half museum with collections of altars and sedan chairs. Address 126 Hollywood Road, the easiest would be to take a taxi.

Designer Boutiques: Located in Prince's Building, the Landmark and Swire House, among others.  Pedder Building has a number of designer label factory outlets and boutiques and is worth a browse, offering designer names at rock bottom prices on the 3rd and 4th floors. 

Antiques: Hollywood Road is a Mecca of antique shops as well as a location for porcelain and soft furnishings.  Here you will find antique Chinese furniture, a good selection of early Chinese pottery, antique textiles and robes, Tibetan carpets, jade carvings and many other distinctive works of art.  There are many reproductions, so it is wise to go to a reputable dealer who will give you a certificate of authenticity.  Prices vary and bargaining in some shops is essential.  Always obtain an official receipt.

Bargains: The small lanes and alleys in Central are crammed with stalls selling leather goods, sunglasses, costume jewelry, fabric, bargain clothing items, etc.  Known colloquially as "The Lanes" or "The Alleys", these market streets run perpendicular to Des Voeux Road and Queen's Road Central.  You should visit Li Yuen Street East and Li Yuen Street West as well as Theatre Lane.  Also on the stairs on Pottinger Street, above Queen's Road Central, you can find sewing materials, umbrellas, shoes and costumes.   Nearby department stores are Marks and Spencer, Wing On, and Sincere.

One of the latest shopping malls on Hong Kong Island is situated on the lower floors of the International Financial Center (IFC) Two.  Although it is located a little ways to the north of the Central District by the fast disappearing harbor’s edge, one can easily get there by taxi ride or walk there thru a maze of covered walkways over the busy Gloucester (Express) Road.  At IFC 2, there is a major department store, grocery store, boutique shops, and many great restaurants.  United Artists (UA) Movie Theater offers the latest foreign and local film hits.

ADMIRALTY - Pacific Place Mall is another great place to shop with high-end shops.  There is also a Lane Crawford, Watson's (drugstore), Body Shop, Great (Gourmet foods and deli), Joyce Boutiques and many major stores as well as excellent dining facilities that range fast food to more formal bistro-style restaurants.

CAUSEWAY BAY - Another major mall in Hong Kong is Time Square.  It houses many shops familiar to Hong Kong plus Tower Records and Liz Claiborne There are nine floors of shops, three floors of restaurants and a large United Artists movie theater.  It is only a short walk from the Causeway Bay MTR station (MTR Exit F).

STANLEY MARKET - Located on the South side of Hong Kong Island, Stanley Market is well known for its souvenirs, linens, household goods and factory outlet clothing.  Although times have changed and the real bargains are not as great as they used to be, Stanley is still a fun place to spend a few hours wandering through the maze of stalls and small shops and a nice place to have lunch or tea in one of the waterfront restaurants along the tree lined boulevard that connects the market to Stanley Plaza.

WESTERN MARKET - The Western Market is the oldest market building in Hong Kong and worth the trip to see it.  The further away from central one gets the more local color you will find and the Western District offers a wealth of fascinating sights and sounds and the opportunity to gain insight into traditional Chinese lifestyles. 

Sunflower Pottery studio in Hong Kong

I took a group of Kids today to Sunflower pottery studioCelebrate your Party at Sunflower Studio!


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Wanchai, Hong Kong
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We had a blast today and Reginia is Awesome with the kids! This is a great activity with your family, kids or kids and friends kids on a free day in Hong Kong this is a great way to spend a few hours.