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Monday, April 12, 2010

Aberdeen Wetmarket... not the Fish market

My friend was visiting from Japan and I decided a visit to the Aberdeen wet market would be a great introduction to Hong Kong Culture in Grocery shopping.

I love going to the Wet markets, but I have come to learn that many Expats don’t shop at wet markets for their fruit, veggies, seafood and some meats. I have heard various reasons why people don’t shop at the wet markets… from personal experience I have never experience any problems. The only problem I ran into was being yelled at for taking photos. I didn’t take in personal it is their business and if they don’t want you to take photos it is their right. Here are some photos and by the way excuse the way they look…I was yelled at for taking photos-LOL At the end of the Photo I posted some information about the Aberdeen market.
Not so good photo of the seafood section
 This is my bad photo of the seafood section.
 This is the flower section. I have found they have a great selection and great pricing.  I haven't done it, but I have had friends who did have plants delivered from them (in a timely manner)
 The market is sectioned by fruit, veggies then seafood in the back. The meat is one floor up
 One of two entrance/exit
 the other entrance/exit

Aberdeen Market in Southern District has moved up one place in ranking to become the wet market with the highest food prices. (January 19, 2010)

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