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Monday, March 29, 2010

Traveling with kids

Here is the thing, when parents travel with their kids... Parents know when, where too, AND parents know the mode of transportation they are traveling with their kids.

It truly annoys me when Parents don't plan properly for traveling with THEIR children. When parents don't plan properly they (parents), kids and everyone else suffers around them. There is a reason why people who don't have kids "MOAN" or act like they are exasperated when they are seated near a child on the plane.

Than I started to think...maybe some parents don't know how to travel with their children especially overseas traveling. I think I should post some tips about travel with kids.

What qualifies me to post travel tips w/ kids?

Great question!
  1. We have been traveling with our daughter since she was 8 mo old.
  2. My husband and I grew up traveling with our families.
  3. Road trip with an 11 mo old through Texas to Nebraska
  4. Several overseas flights from Asia to the U.S.
  5. Road trip with a 6 yr old TX to LA to MS to MO to NEB then reverse it. Almost a 2 week road-trip
  6. I have travel and vacationed with 5+ kids.

I am not an expert, but I have learn a lot ....her is the key plan and organize yourself. a kid will be a kid, but a parent has no excuse not to be prepared.

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