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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I like about Singapore

"The Singapore Open is the flagship event of the Asian Tour, it is a massive event and it is being played in a great place. I love coming here and it is good to be back."

~Lee Westwood

1. Singapore is clean. When I say clean I mean very clean.

2. Singapore has skinny pigeons and they are well mannered.
3.They had a great hostel to stay at called
4. Everyone is so nice. When I first arrived I didn't have any money and a gentlemen gave me money to get on a bus. He got on the bus with me and showed me where to get off to the nearest ATM. When I offered to pay him he said "No Worries".

5. "No worries"- ever time I asked for help or I asked a question- the reply was the answer I needed with the valediction of "No worries".

6. Many people wore smiles.

7. I felt safe being a woman traveler

8.I also stayed at a resort...
9. the Singapore Sling at the Raffles Long bar (by the way it is an expensive drink to have)

10. The night life it offers :-}

I have much more to say about Singapore, but I will save that for another day.

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